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All homes require periodic maintenance. Log homes and cabins are no exception. The difference lies in the unique needs of the exterior log walls which are exposed to the elements of our Oklahoma weather.

Untreated log walls have the risk of developing rot and decay from the rain and ultra-violet rays. 


Based on the needs of your home, we offer power washing, cob blasting, and chemical stripping. If your home has chinking between the logs it needs to be checked and maintained in order to prevent moisture and unwanted weather from entering the interior and. All logs have the potential to develop checking, or splits along the logs, but in most cases this only adds to the character of the log. If, however, these checks are situated in the structure to allow water penetration, they will require caulking. Some wood species, in particular Yellow Pine are less resistant to rot than others. A borate and mildew treatment may also be advised for you.

For our restoration projects, we partner with the Sansin Company to provide stains that are designed with the unique requirements of log homes in mind. We are available to meet with you and evaluate your home's needs with a free estimate.